Friday, December 28, 2007

New Years

I'll be away from Japan until the first week of next year, visiting family back home. I guess the Japanese government will finally get their hands on my fingerprints (and God knows what else) for their anti-terror files. I signed a petition against this mandatory scanning of foreign devils residents, but I guess PM Fukuda has more important stuff like golf-playing defence ministers to worry about (as opposed to "trivial" issues such as civil liberties).

Monday, December 24, 2007

Celestia Refmarks Build

Here is a new build of Celestia, with Chris Laurel's experimental reference marks feature enabled: Celestia UNOFFICIAL build 2007-12-24
Update: Reference marks are now a standard feature of Celestia.

Celestia Unofficial

Celestia UNOFFICIAL build 2007-12-17

Changes (2007-12-17):

  • Julian Date option in Set Time panel (Cmd+T)
  • All 1.5.0pre4 features
Celestia Experimental interface (aka SuperTabs) 2007-07-16

Note: SuperTabs is a design concept. There are currently no concrete plans for including this as part of Celestia.

SquishDDS 1.1 - DDS converter for OS X

Changes (v1.1, 2007-05-06):

  • Mipmapping
  • Color matching (read Help for usage)
  • DXT5 compressed normal map generation (.dxt5nm)
  • New ultra high quality mode (introduced in v1.10 of the squish library)

Source code for SquishDDS 1.1 (includes squish 1.10, MIT License)

CModTool 1.0.4 - gui for converting 3ds into Celestia cmod format

New Blog!

I moved to a new blog on (Google). The old blog required too much maintenance - now Google can take care of 90% of that. Also Flickr photo blogging integration comes for free. Maybe all this added convenience means that I will actually start updating my blog from now on!