Monday, February 25, 2008

Mac OS X on my eee

Mac OS X installed on my eee. My very own "hackintosh" is running Tiger 10.4.9 on a 4GB SDHC. There's about 300MB free even after I installed Xcode 2.5! Sound, PhotoBooth, and GMA 900 acceleration are also working, but networking isn't due to the lack of suitable drivers. Luckily eeeXubuntu that's installed on my other drive (the internal ssd) has working wifi so I'm set.

Yes, I would have preferred Leopard, but I learned the hard way that 10.5.x is currently impossible to install on the eee despite some optimistic claims to the contrary by a certain blog.

Celestia compiles and runs, so now I can finally leave my heavy PowerBook at home.