Friday, January 25, 2008

The eee pc with extras!


My eee pc arrived in the mail today!
This thing really is the size of a book. It's that small. Very impressive and cute.

Even more impressive were the freebies that were included with the Japanese model. A 1GB flash was advertised as being included, but there was definitely no mention of a free 4GB Class 6 (20MB/s) SDHC card being included too! (That's not including the 4GB SSD that's already inside the eee itself) There's also Asus' optical mouse included.

What's not included
The restore DVD only includes a Win XP SP2 Home Edition ghost image, along with Windows drivers and the Asus bios flash utility. Xandros Linux is missing. The Bios, which was version 0703, does not include any overclocking settings. But none of these problems are difficult to overcome.

All in all, I'm pleased with the free 4GB SDHC and mouse. The bundled Windows Home is a shame.

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