Monday, August 25, 2008

SquishDDS Update - DDS converter for OS X

Download SquishDDS 1.1.1

Changes (v1.1.1, 2008-08-25):

  • New popup menu for selecting premultiplied/unpremultiplied alpha
    If your exported DDS is too dark/bright, try the various alpha options.
  • Corrupted mipmaps bug fix
Source code for SquishDDS 1.1.1 (includes squish 1.10, MIT License)


Will Shetterly said...

Great program! Thank you! I'm just learning how to mod in Moviestorm on a Mac, and this is essential for me.

djphoto1 said...

Hi- I have been using Squish to covert tifs or jpgs to
dds on my macs for use in Digital Planetariums. The
Squish on my old laptop which is running OS 10.4.11
is working just fine.
On my new laptop and Mac Pro desktop running
OS 10.5.5 I get this message.
If it's not showing- it says "bad stuff happened", an
error occurred.
It doesn't say what. This is the same file that worked on
the 10.4.11. It has an Alpha channel- Alpha 1 - turned off.
I've found another converter, Aorta, but I like Squish much
better. Help! Thanks, DJ

Anonymous said...

Is DXT5/DXT5n broken? The resulting fourCC in the encoded file is always either DXT1 or DXT3.