Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SquishDDS Update - Bug fixes

Download SquishDDS 1.1.3

Changes (v1.1.3, 2009-03-25):

  • Bug fixes: Better handling of premultiplied/unpremultiplied alpha
  • Due to this fix, I've removed the premultiply alpha user option. Squish should automatically do the right thing in most cases, but let me know if there's a case it can't handle.
  • Mipmap export is limited to the TIFF format, for now. PNG mipmap export has subtle bugs that I hope to fix in a future release.
Source code for SquishDDS 1.1.3 (includes squish 1.10, MIT License)


Anonymous said...

Saw Squish 1.1.3 at and wanted to thank you very much for a very good utility. It works super well on all kinds of files and is clean, smart and simple to use, unlike its counterparts such as 'Aorta'.

Unfortunately, the people who run that Fileball website didn't design their site very well, and the link to the actual file is overly long and convoluted. You will have to go there and do a search for "Squish".

Rob Semel

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