Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Electron Cont'd (6)

Let's take a break from aerodynamics, and see if we can improve the 3D model of Electron.
Christophe Campos has offered his designer skills and has done a much better job at creating a more detailed model of the rocket!
Notice details such as straps holding the tanks to the underside of the second stage, rivets on the bottom of the first stage, and cleaner textures:

The one remaining issue is the part joining the payload and the second stage. This is a closeup from Rocket Lab's web site:

The golden cube is definitely the payload, but Christophe and I can't figure out what the rest of the parts are.
The red outlined part below the payload is probably an upper stage kick motor (a rocket motor that would fire to boost the payload into its final orbit). But that's just a wild guess, and we don't know what the black hexagonal structure that is masking part of the upper stage(?) is. Is it part of the second stage? What are the tanks inside the hexagonal structure? etc.

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